Friday, December 12, 2014

I already do one Big problem .

The truely is, aku tau dia kuat jeles, after that secara tak sengaja aku post something that can make him jealous about it. I'm sorry sayang. I dont mean it, i dont have any feelings untuk sakitkan hati sayangg. Yah, the explanation. both of us are friend. But, to get jealous is the normal thing . Jeles tu tandanya sayang. so anything happen i need to takecare of it, takecare about our relationship. I know it is my fault sayang, I'm So SORRY ! And the important things is, he can be tolerate with me, as long i know what i already do. I hope he knows that's i love him so much. Shahiruddin Azmi, prince of my Heart , 

For this night, i just watch one princess story, i need him to be my side. why ? the reason is because i want him watch that movie together and watch the real meaning of relationship that will accept their partner with their own personalities. And stop being other people. Be ourselves and don't ever and ever try to stay play in a bad games. Be brave in make a decision especially it is about your life. 

Ahhhh sayang, i miss youu so much tonight. so badly Shahir Azmi. It is maybe you are a little bit busy tonight right dear ? it's okay. I understand , it is not a big deal. There still have a long journey for us. Many things that we need to trough together, I'm in love you sayang . Always and insyaAllah . it will be forever. Keep me feels like this and i will my love for you sayang.

Love ,
Nur Izzatushima Darus.

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